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The Brickmat 15" x 15" Double Sided Silicone Green Baseplate For Small And Large Dot Blocks

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  • Super portable soft mat with LEGOⓇ compatible dotsand D on one side, DUPLOⓇ compatible dots on the other, this 15" x 15" soft silicone mat is rollable & flexible
  • Double sided for small dot and larger dot blocks compatible with LEGOⓇ, DUPLOⓇ & Mega BloksⓇ. Wonderland or The Brickmat is not affiliated with or endorsed by these brands.
  • Easy storage and travel ready. When flat at 15" x 15" this flexible mat is incredibly versatile and works great on activity tables.
  • This super soft silicone mat is a great addition or alternative to hard plastic base plates.
  • Bricks or accessories shown in picture(s) are not included.


Silicone Brick Building Play Mat by Wonderland Industries - A Double Sided soft mat that supports both Lego and Duplo blocks. Nice sized 15" x 15" surface. One side is compatible with Lego blocks, and the other side with Duplo blocks. Mat can roll up for easy storage or for travel. Wonderland Industries or this product is not affiliated or endorsed by LEGOⓇ or DUPLOⓇ.